Shopping Mornings – The Ordinary Moments

I have talked at length previously about wanting to try to make the most of my time with the girls before they start school in September, so just simple things such as a shopping trip can feel like a parenting win.

My girls will be 4 in June and as a whole life has gotten easier. A simple trip to the shops no longer requires oodles of nappies, wipes, nappy bags, spare clothes, snacks, drinks… the list goes on! We literally can decide on a whim what we want to do, however having two little people with their own ideas also brings with it a need for negotiation to keep everyone happy! However on Thursday, everyone was happy to pop to the shops which are about 20 minutes away.

Shopping Mornings - The Ordinary Moments

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A Day on the Farm – The Ordinary Moments

It’s February. In England. A day on the farm isn’t usually what I’d be typing, but when it’s just a fiver for all three of us to go then how could I not?! On Wednesday, I met my friend Sam & her little girl and we visited a local farm. I had somehow managed to get lost and rocked up half an hour late and despite it being freezing, drizzly, muddy and really grey the three girls absolutely loved it.

We saw owls, sheep, reindeer, chickens, geese, ponies, donkeys, a pretty peacock, pigs and some incredibly cute baby goats, which were incredibly cheeky. I know I keep saying it, but I really want to force myself to do more each week with the girls because school is creeping closer and closer and soon I won’t be able to take them so easily for days out when it’s lovely and quiet. Not only does it get us out the house, but they adore going on days out. Granted the weather is pretty crappy sometimes you have to pull on your big girls (thermal) pants and get out there.

 A Day on the Farm - The Ordinary Moments

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Getting Out The House – The Ordinary Moments

Last week, I was a bit of a rubbish Parent. The girls haven’t been sleeping well and in turn I’ve woken up exhausted every morning. I don’t do well on very little broken sleep so after the school run, most mornings have been spent flaked out on the sofa until nursery time. The housework crept up around me and I generally had no energy to do anything.

I was feeling very guilty come Friday about my lack of really achieving anything during the week. The ever present little voice on my shoulder seems to be counting down the days until September when my babies start school and the luxury of mornings together will be no more, forever more.

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Homework for 3 Year Olds?

My girls came home Friday from nursery with a little bag containing a book with letters in, a pen and a laminated sheet with the alphabet on. They were so incredible excited and wanted to get home quickly to “do their homework” I had to pinch myself to remember they are 3 year olds!

Homework is a concept they’re very familiar with having an older brother. He is really good at getting it done (at the moment anyhow!) as it’s set on a Friday so he completes it over the weekend. Sometimes he has maths puzzles or other times there’s work on the computer. He always has spellings which he has to sit and practise. All in all, for an 8 year old he has a fair bit to do. I cast my mind back to him in nursery and he never really did much “practical learning” as such.

Homework for 3 Year Olds

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Blood Donation – The Ordinary Moments

I realise that donating blood may not be an ordinary moment for many, but for me it’s a quick easy thing to do that always leaves me feeling like I’ve done a good deed. With over half of all blood donations being used to help people who have terminal illnesses, it really is so important to me especially given what we have been through as a family the past few years.

I started donating blood about six years ago. My Grandad regularly donated and after he passed away in 2008, I felt the need to take over. Our local leisure centre runs sessions and it’s very simple that you turn up and are seen within the hour. Luckily, I am able to donate and am not afraid of needles.

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