5 Fool Proof Ways To Lose Weight With Slimming World

It was this time last year, that I had finally plucked up the courage to join Slimming World. I was on the cusp of going up yet another dress size taking it to my fourth in total and I realised I couldn’t go on like this anymore. I went on to lose three stone in under six months sticking to the Slimming World plan and haven’t looked back since. I am not professing to be an expert in ANY capacity no no no, however, I am sharing with you today MY 5 fool proof ways to lose weight with Slimming World. These for me are the key ingredients to my success

5 Fool Proof Ways To Lose Weight With Slimming World

Be prepared

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Slimming World Weigh In MUST DO’S

Tuesday’s for me are weigh in day at Slimming  World. It is the big day where you finally see if your week of hard graft (or pure indulgence) has paid off. But weigh in day? It’s not all about those numbers flickering in front of your face as you step on the scales, no no no! Any member knows the weigh in preparation starts twenty four hours before:

  • Day before
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Joining a Slimming World Group

Ever wondered what it is like joining a Slimming World group? I did up until Tuesday when I bit the bullet and waddled into fat club. I dabbled with Slimming World online last year but I did it online and despite losing weight in the first few weeks after long, I started slipping a bit. Yes I was cheating myself but who knew? Who cared. And I caved. And ploughed on with crisps and sweets.

But enough is enough. I literally cannot fit in any clothes. I feel revolting and utterly despise myself. I want to avoid social situations especially with people I haven’t seen for a while because I fear they will be shocked at how fat I have gotten. Now before anyone chimes “oh you’re not fat” I am. At Slimming World group  I was weighed and can confirm that my BMI not to mention my clothes and my own point of view prove – I AM FAT AND OVERWEIGHT.

No more excuses. No more excuses. With a group I have “the fear” and know I have to go along. I have a wedding to attend in just over 10 weeks and I can’t bear looking at photos of me looking like a whale. Yes it’s going to be a long road but I have to start somewhere right? I’ve even rejoined the gym -gulp-

slimming world
So what is it like joining a Slimming World group? 

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Slimming World – Week 3

I thought I’d post this early and get it out the way – in short, this week has been an utter disaster compared to week two.

I knew that last weekend was going to be hard to stay on plan as we had a wedding with afternoon & evening meals then we went to Alton Towers for Iggle Piggles party so it was going to be two long days with lots of temptation. What I didn’t bargain for was how much I struggled to get back on plan.

I feel really disappointed into myself and found myself slipping into old habits of eating loads when the kids go to bed and my motivation and will power failed to exist. So what was always going to be a few naughty days turned into a week of bingeing and I feel just awful for it.

I know I shouldn’t beat myself up but I feel very disappointed that so early in I’ve fallen off the wagon. But as they say today is a new day and I am determined to get back into it and stick to it. So if you see any tweets from me – keep me in check!!

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Slimming World – Week 2

Hello again and thanks for reading. Last week was just amazing but I was thinking I may possibly have a huge loss in the first week as my body went into shock!! I had almost 3 stone to lose to my target weight so there was a lot to go. So onto this week

Massive confession – I had a huge binge on chewy sweets at the weekend. I was feeling a bit down so I totally take responsibility but it can’t have helped.

Last week I set myself 3 goals – to exercise more, drink less diet coke & try a fakeaway. Well I started yesterday getting back on the fitness DVD workout. I am currently doing Vicky Geordie Shore which is only 10 minutes at level 1 so it’s achievable as my husband is working crazy at the moment so running is out of the question.

I have been drinking less diet coke but my husband has just brought two huge packs thinking he was helping bless him but I bought lots of little bottles of water which i find myself drinking more as they’re so handy. 

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