My Monthly Bucket List – February

January is FINALLY drawing to a close. It seems to drag on forever and seriously, why is January SO crap? I’m looking forward to lighter nights and the temperature warming up a bit as I’m so over wearing seven layers at a time.

So February, the month of lurvvvve is upon us. Do you celebrate Valentine’s? We do but everything seems to think it’s so naff nowadays. I love a bit of cheese and old style romance so let me be! Aside from this, what else do I want to achieve in February:

My Monthly Bucket List - February

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My Bucket List 2017

Writing a post for goals for a whole year is a little bit scary but it’s also lovely to look back on the past year as I did for my 2016 Bucket List. I loved writing my bucket list 2017 and hope you will join in and enjoy writing yours.

A fresh year ahead of you always seems so new and shiny so it’s nice to try to plan things for the forthcoming year. For us it will be the biggest change we’ve experienced, as my babies will start school in September (ALL THE SOBS!) so it really is going to change our day to at life massively. So 2017 is going to be huge for us all. So what do I want to achieve.

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2016 Bucket List – Revisited

I thought I would revisit the annual bucket list I made last December. I have done one for the forthcoming here which you can read my 2017 goals here.
So, 2016 – how did I get on?

  • Renovate our bathroom. FAIL. However, I did win a blog competition where I won £1000 worth of tiles which are all stored in our utility waiting for our new bathroom renovation which is finally pencilled in for the end of January/February. I cannot WAIT.
  • Enjoy the time with the girls at home. DONE. The girls started nursery in September and have come on so much I would never believe they’ve only been there three months. We have had some lovely days out but I cannot believe school beckons next September. I will cry my eyes out!
  • Take a photography course. DONE. Yes I finally completed a photography course at Arley Arboretum in October and learned so much. I still am practising but am so glad I conquered my fear.
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Monthly Bucket List December

So here we are, we have arrived at the final and most exciting month of the year. It’s been quite a 2016 for me and my Monthly Bucket List linky has really helped me focus and get shizz done. I have made some brilliant new friends through this linky and am touched that so many of you have stuck with me for another year. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost two years since this started so thank you all for taking part. It means a lot to me!

December is always a crazy busy month as not only is it Christmas but also Charlie’s birthday. Luckily, it is on a Saturday this year (he’s not impressed everyone in his class won’t sing him a happy birthday though!) and I have sorted his birthday out and just need to wrap his presents, so that’s one less thing to worry about. I’m going to be kind to myself this month so here’s my last list of the year

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Monthly Bucket List December LINKY

It seems five minutes ago that we were sat by the river basking in the sun having just booked our trip to Disney, yet as you read this? We will be there! Hopefully not freezing our arses off too, but you can’t moan!

The final month of 2016 is upon us and I hope that this linky has helped you hit some targets in your life. I love a good list and being able to cross things off is always worth a mini celebration. So back to November – how did I get on you ask?

  • Plan a birthday meal. DONE. We went for Sunday lunch with my Dad, sister and brother in law. It had been a while since we had all been out together so was really nice.
  • Go to a firework display. DONE. We went to the school one and the girls loved it! I was a bit dubious but it went well. My Dad came with me as my husband was working, however, Charlie ditched us to hang out with his mates SOB!
  • Get Christmas ready. KINDA. I’ve pretty much got all our presents, but they aren’t wrapped and I haven’t written any cards yet but the majority is sorted, just needs putting into action.
  • Arrange Charlie’s birthday. DONE. We are off bowling then for a lunch treat with two of his best mates. Can’t believe he’s going to be 8!
  • Enjoy Disney. HOPEFULLY. I’ll let you know….!

So that was me, how did you get on? Link up your posts below and copy and paste the badge onto your post to tell your friends where to find us cool kids. See you soon for the FINAL Monthly Bucket List of 2016.

B xx

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