Shrek’s Adventure! London

We visited London last Saturday and took Charlie down for a fun trip. We were very kindly given tickets to Shrek’s Adventure! London which is positioned perfectly on the Southbank of the Thames, opposite the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben and right next to the London Eye so it’s pretty easy to spot!

We visited when it was the bike race in London so it was incredibly busy and the sun was shining bringing even more people out, but we didn’t have to queue for long.

Shrek's Adventure! LondonAfter a trip on the London Eye, our Shrek’s Adventure tickets were booked for the 5pm slot. We collected them about 4.30pm and it was really simply to pop into the booking office and collect them using our reference number. I have to say the staff were all really friendly and all seemed happy which is quite rare, especially late afternoon on a very busy weekend. I loved that they all had costumes on adding to the fun element.

You are advised to join the queue about five minutes before your allocated time so we used our 25 minutes wisely and grabbed an ice cream. We rejoined the queue at 4.55pm and waited for a few minutes before we were led inside. Now I am the sort of person that wants to know EVERYTHING about what we are doing, but I decided not to google before we entered so it was a complete surprise. You also aren’t allowed to film or take any photos inside so it really has an air of mystery surrounding it. If you prefer it to be this way before your visit, then scroll down to the bottom for my cute character photos!

On entering, you are in a group of around 30-40 and you’re given a wristband and at various areas there are photo opportunities which are scanned onto your unique bar code and you get to view them all at the end. Once inside, you go into a holding area where you drop off buggies as you cannot take them round the tour. There’s another quick photo opp before meeting the “Captain” who runs through your tour and you know it’s going to be “Shrek-tacular!”

From there, you go down and go on the bus tour which has the most amazing 4D effects. This sets the scene for what is going to happen as on the bus you get to see a variety of characters including our favourite Po from Kung Foo Panda. There’s trouble ahead as we hit Rumpelstiltskin’s favourite witch and he is not happy. You all need to find Shrek who can sort it all out so on you go to see various real life characters who can help you out.

Our favourite was Pinocchio where we had to answer a few questions pressing the A & B buttons. He looked so cool even with his not so clever captor! I won’t reveal what happens to keep it a surprise but it is so much fun along the way.

Shrek's Adventure! London

Despite not being able to take any photos or videos along the way, at the end there are LOADS of photo opportunities so do remember to bring your cameras. We loved meeting Shrek and Julien and lots of other fun stuff. There’s also a gift shop at the end where you can pick up some funky Shrek ears and we saw a huge Donkey teddy that was £750!!

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed our time at Shrek’s Adventure. It certainly was an adventure and definitely was “Shrek-tacular” I would say to make sure you pre-book your tickets as there were some who just turned up and couldn’t get in. This has been an interesting review to write without being able to use loads of photos but trust me, the not knowing element makes it even more enjoyable.

Shrek's Adventure! London

There are so many offers to combine tickets for the attractions on the South Bank and beyond so I would definitely advise checking out what deals you can get and save you some money before visiting. All the information can be found here on the Shrek’s Adventure! London website.

B xx

Disclaimer – we were sent three complimentary tickets for Shrek’s Adventure for the purpose of this review. All words, opinions and photos are my own – even the dodgy Shrek smile one of me!

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  1. I really fancy going but I think N will be too young (he’s 5). He’s not bothered about watching Shrek films either so thought it wpuld be better if he knew the film

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