A Simple Stream – The Ordinary Moments

Last Monday, we headed off to Carding Mill Valley with some friends. The sun was shining so we opted for a morning out opposed to a house play date – and how glad we were.

On the face of it, the place is a national trust area which basically is a lot of hills. Beautiful hills nonetheless but still just hills. Not the most idyllic place to take two rather fearless twin toddlers hey? But with the aid of the sun in the sky, we parked up next to a small area of the stream that runs about a mile down the track. And this is where we stayed for over six hours!

The kids stayed in around a 10 metre radius of water which was barely ankle deep. Here they built a dam, created a weather stone which needed to be kept wet at all times(!) collected stones and even managed to catch loads of very small but very real fish! 

We had a lovely little picnic alongside the car and could not believe the time when we finally dragged ourselves out of the little stream to check our phone.

Charlie is reaching the age where he bores of things quite quickly so to see him so “at one” was just wonderful. I admit that last week I struggled with parenting so to know that I have such good friends and the ability to be able to pick myself up with their help, is really quite lovely.

It just proves that kids really do have wonderful imaginations and the simplest of things can keep them amused and entertained for literally hours!

B xx

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  1. we love to do things like this as a family ourselves, and now its better as we can include our grandon in it all as well. and you have some fantastic photos here too

  2. Seems like you all had a Wonderful day out. The children would enjoy exploring a new enviroment etc. I remember as a child we would go as a family up the hill we lived nearby with a picnic. We had such fun, as it seemed that there was lots to do, and as we were active, it tired us out for settling to a good night’s sleep.

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