Six Tips for Visiting Walt Disney World in Florida

The final guest post of the week comes from Nikki at Yorkshire Wonders. She is sharing her six tips for visiting Walt Disney World in Florida. Take it away Nikki:

If you are considering a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida (woohoo – go for it!), here are my tips for getting the most out of your time. The list is not comprehensive by any means, and I am assuming you are visiting the parks for the full two weeks.

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Eating at DisneyWorld, Orlando Florida

Today Harriet from Toby and Roo is talking about two of my favourite things – Disney and food! I have seen so many wacky and wonderful places to eat at Disneyworld, Orlando Florida so she has given some brilliant tips in this ace final guest post of the week:

One of the best experiences of my life so far has been visiting DisneyWorld in Orlando and before we left I had a few things that I was dead excited about, with food being high up on the list.
It’s such a mixed bag but there are a few tips that can help you navigate the potential minefield!

180 days before your trip, you can start making dinner reservations and you really need to use it! I was told by a few friends that I needed to book some time off work, get up early and don’t do it online because you WILL NOT get that coveted spot. It all sounded a bit over the top, I mean, who books dinner 6 months ahead of time? Continue reading “Eating at DisneyWorld, Orlando Florida”

Ten Kick-Ass Disney Mums

I’m absolutely loving this guest post idea from And Another Ten Things as she picks her top ten Disney Mamas that kick some serious butt. Do you agree? Here we go:

Over the last few months I’ve watched a lot of Disney films (some weeks the same Disney film lots of times *sob*). The Child is obsessed with them and to be honest I’ll do anything to grab 5, 10, 90 minutes to myself so I’ve given in more times than is probably healthy. Naturally the Child is drawn to the hero or heroine of the film (even more so if they’re a princess, yak) but I’ve found myself, unsurprisingly, relating to the mother figures in the films. Never appreciated, often ignored and rarely given their own action figure, these characters are quietly keeping their shit together. So today I’m raising the flag for my ten favourite Disney Mums – I salute you.

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#GetYourStripes with Matalan and Alder Hey

#GetYourStripes with Matalan and Alder Hey

As it is dark by 5pm, there’s nothing I love more than of a weekend is locking the door, blasting the heating on, snuggling up on the sofa with a blanket in my pjs with some treats. The kids too are very much of this opinion I am glad to say so we absolutely celebrate Lazy Sundays in our house.

#GetYourStripes with Matalan and Alder Hey

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How to Survive Disneyland when Pregnant

The final instalment of my guest bloggers Disney mini series is courtesy of Nicola aka Mrs Lighty of baby blog. If you are expecting, this is an absolute must read!

How to Survive Disneyland when Pregnant

Most sensible people, when trying for a baby, wouldn’t buy an annual pass to Disneyland Paris during this time. Mrs Lighty isn’t most sensible people. To be fair, Mr and Mrs Lighty waited a loooong time to hear the news that we would be expecting a little prince or princess of our own, and we’d got to the point where we couldn’t keep putting our lives on hold in the hope that I’d be pregnant by the time certain events rolled around. But buying an annual pass to Disneyland Paris? Probably not one of my most sensible ideas. Continue reading “How to Survive Disneyland when Pregnant”