Adding a Fourth?

My friend has just had a baby. A teeny tiny squishy gorgeous new baby. I am a massively baby person. Always have been, probably always have been. But I thought my baby days were over. My broodiness has disappeared and would never to be seen again. Was I kidding myself? It appears so.


The last time I held a newborn baby, my girls were just over 12 months old themselves. I was caught up in a whirlwind of first steps, sleepless nights, constant attention and hawk eyeing them. This time holding a baby was different. (more…)

JORD Wood Watches

JORD Wood Watches
Since losing three stone this year, I have a renewed passion for fashion. I have dug all my “skinny” clothes back out from the bin bags I threw them in when feeling down as I had gained so much weight, and being able to fit back in them has given me back my confidence. I am loving putting together outfits and we all know that accessories make an outfit. I was recently contacted by JORD wood watches  to try out one of their utterly stunning wood watches. JORD are an American company who do cool women’s watches and also a range of men’s watches. (more…)

Knock You Off Your Feet

“Mommy? Mommy why are you crying?”

My seven year old doesn’t say this to me very often anymore. Two years ago, it was almost a daily occurrence but now it’s rare he is faced with a panda eyed Mother sobbing at the sink unable to contain the heartbreak of loss. I have managed to contain my grief. I will never say I’ve accepted it because how can yo accept something that should never have happened, but I know that ploughing your energy into being angry and resentful ultimately is fruitless, and the only result is bitterness and very dark feelings.

It really catches you off guard and knocks you off your feet when you are least expecting it. I was just picking up some washing in the utility when all of a sudden a wave of sadness covered me and then I saw the pink bunny. The pink bunny opened the flood gates as I sobbed silently alone. I miss my Mom so much but it’s always the most random of things that trigger my emotions when you are not expecting it. (more…)

Review of McAfee Total Protection 2017 and McAfee LiveSafe 2017

McAfee Total Protection 2017 and McAfee LiveSafe 2017
As a blogger, I spend a heck of a lot of time on the computer, laptop, tablets and my phone. The thought of everything not being safe is quite a worry to me as nowadays it’s very simple to innocently open an email attachment and contract a nasty virus. Identity fraud is also another huge source of concern for me and I like to think that all our passwords and privacy are secure so I was thrilled to be able to review McAfee Total Protection 2017 and McAfee LiveSafe 2017. They both come as sealed cards which you open to reveal a unique protection key which needs scratching to reveal the 25 digit unique code. You then go to the McAfee activation page. (more…)