Clearing Out

My name is Beth. And I am a hoarder. 

There. My not so guilty secret. It can’t be a secret because if you saw my bedroom then you’d kinda know. About two years ago we decided to invest in some proper wardrobes. After making do with ones I had AS A TEENAGER(!) we got all grown up and bought some fancy sliding door IKEA ones that you can add all extra stuff onto. 

We ended up essentially with four massive wardrobes which have six drawers inside along with a trouser rail and a shoe rack. When we started moving our clothes over it became apparent that actually I’d use just over three of these wardrobes. Plus two of the drawers. And the small chest of drawers. And the two under the bed drawers. Oh and not forgetting the huge fabric storage box on TOP of the wardrobe. Yes. That is how many clothes I own. 

It’s actually quite sickening to think I own that much yet rotate about 15 items! 

On Monday, as usual I had an absolute mountain of laundry to put away but I’d actually left my last pile from the week before in my room – through sheer laziness. Enough was enough and it was time to tackle the sea of clothes. Luckily my Dad offered to take the kids to the park for a few hours so I thought I’d hang all the clothes up and maybe vacuum. 

Instead I gutted my wardrobes and probably halves my clothes collection!

I had actually been inspired by Sian at Foodie Fables who wrote an excellent post about your wardrobe after weight loss. I have lost almost 3.5 stone since the start of the year. I was wearing a size 16-18 and often wore some of my husbands clothes because literally nothing fit me. It was when HIS clothes started getting too tight that I knew I couldn’t carry on. 

My clothing collection however spans back over 10 years. I have always loved shopping and before I had kids, I used to spend a lot of money on clothes. I would forever be buying a new top or splashing out on a gorgeous dress as I just loved fashion. I was also incredibly slim so could literally wear every/anything and never had to worry about covering lumps and bumps. 

I still own so many of the clothes that I bought back in my late teens but this now has caused quite a problem. I just can’t wear that stuff anymore!

As a mother of three in my 30s, belly baring crop tops and boob flashing dresses are no longer really appropriate for the school run. I’ve also found that now I can fit back into some of my clothes that most of them were actually what I wore to go to work. I have had a few comments from people asking where I’m going but it’s just old stuff! People seem to think I am constantly buying new stuff but it’s actually over a decade old! 

But why was I holding on to my bigger clothes? They felt like a safety blanket and I actually thought I should keep them “in case I get fat again” What an awful way to think. So I decided enough was enough and have bagged up three bin bags full ready for the charity shop. I can now actually see what is in my wardrobe and know that what is left is actually stuff I will wear. 

It’s been incredibly liberating and my god I wish I’d done it sooner! This weight is off and is staying off. I mean – there’s no safety net to fall back on now so time to stick at it and get these last nine pounds off. 

B xx 

Holiday Essentials

We are on the countdown for summer holidays and here we simply cannot wait!

We are last minute kind of folk so we will probably end up booking our holiday a few days before we go as, the lure of long fun filled days and hazy sunny evenings sipping a glass of something fizzy whilst the kids are in bed is too much for us to resist!

Holiday Essentials

We love to holiday in the UK as the girls are still a little bit little to fly (and we aren’t brave enough to take them just yet!) so with the aid of the treasure trove that is HomeSense I have thrown together a few holiday essentials Continue reading “Holiday Essentials”

Car Seat Safety

Car seats – what an absolute minefield.

From that very first journey, you want your little bundle(s!) to be as safe as is humanly possible but is it just me that thinks there is SO much confusing information out there? We were told that backless booster cushions were going to be banned, that rear facing was mandatory but there is no set deadline dates etc and it can be very confusing, especially for a first time parent. (I’d like to at this point say having had three I was more clued up. I’m not!)

car seat safety
The girls turned three in June so in the next 12 months depending on their height/weight we will be looking at getting their “last” car seat as we have seats that are recommended for use from around 9 months to 4 years, so we will need to change them for a booster seat suitable for their age. Continue reading “Car Seat Safety”

Travel Games Bundle Giveaway

The summer holidays are now underway… And you’ve probably heard “I’m bored” at least five dozen times so far – so I’m here to help!

If you’re travelling on holiday this summer, whether it be jetting off to sunnier climes, jumping in the car to get away to the coast or just staying put I’m giving away an awesome bundle of travel games that will keep you and the kids busy in the holidays.

The three games up for grabs are Smart Ass, Who What Where and 5 Second Rule.

Who’s the Smart Ass among your friends and family? You can find out with this outrageous, fast-paced party game. It’s all good fun with the fast – paced family board game.

5 Second rule makes you name 3 things…….as you race against the timer! Now in a mini version that you can play anywhere.

Sketch the funny scenes created by combining your Who, What, Where cards. You might get to draw ‘A Monkey Playing Soccer on a Boat’ or ‘A Cow Jumping Rope on a Train’… plus thousands of other fun-to-draw combinations. Great fun as others try to guess what you have drawn.

Fancy winning all three? Then all you need to do is complete the RaffleCopter below. Open to UK entrants aged 18+ Closes at midnight on 22/8/16. Good luck!
B x

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Satchel Bags

The kids have just broken up from school, so with six weeks of them at home I think that us Mothers may be needing a little treat in the name of sanity and me bring completely cliche I love a good handbag. Keeping in the theme of all things school, I’m currently loving the satchel style bag trend.

It’s such a timeless look which can easily be dressed up or down. I am out of the stage where I need a changing bag so I am rejoicing with building me a gorgeous collection of new handbags that can make the switch from day to night with ease.

I have been looking and found these four that I am absolutely in love with.

satchel bags
Clockwise top left:
River Island navy bag, £30 Ted Baker electric blue bag, £90 Yellow Zatchel bag, £43 Ollie and Nic Gina tan bag, £27.50

Continue reading “Satchel Bags”