Monthly Bucket List September 

I sound like a broken record. Every single month is the same, but genuinely, I cannot believe we are entering the NINTH month. September for me signals the end of summer…and the time that Christmas (oh yes, I said it!) starts creeping out. Only slowly but it does start. The nights start drawing in and you find yourself eyeing up winter boots. Am I right?!

Well seeing as we are into the last three months of 2016, I need to find some focus. This is what is reflected in my goals for next month:

  • Knuckle down with Slimming World. The kids holidays has seen me gain, lose then gain… too many ice creams and days out so I kinda threw it all out the window in the name of fun. Once we are back in a routine, I will too with my food and finally get to my four stone loss target.
  • Get back to the gym. With the girls starting nursery every afternoon, I’ll have about 2 hours everyday to myself so I plan to get back in the gym and start running again. I actually miss exercising!
  • Redecorate. Our lounge feels so bare as it’s just painted, so I plan on doing some real changes starting with wallpaper and some new statement items. Watch this space.
  • Plan an anniversary treat. It’s our fourth wedding anniversary on 30th, four years! That too has whizzed by so we need to try to sort something.
  • Book a photography course. I’m planning on splurging on a new camera at the weekend, so time to get on a course and work out how to use it properly!

I look forward to seeing what is on all of your lists. You can link up your September Bucket lists here. Good luck guys.


Monthly Bucket List September Linky

Hello and welcome to my Monthly Bucket List Linky. This is the place to link up your monthly bucket list. If this is your first time then you can see how it all works by seeing some old Monthly Bucket List posts here.

The list can be as personal or professional, short or long, achievable or dreamy as you like! There are no zero rules or pressure here.

Each month I’ll do a round up of what I can cross off my list and what else I may want to add/ take off. It’s a great way to bounce other ideas off everyone else – and nab ones you hadn’t thought of. Sharing is caring people!
So why not join in? You’ll only ever have to do 12 posts in a whole year – easy peasy. This Linky will run on the last day of every month and will be open for 7 days afterwards. As with all other linkies – add your link & copy my badge to your post and hey presto!
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Home at 5pm – The Ordinary Moments

I’ve written many times about the fact my husband works away during the week. From bedtime until Sunday to tea time on a Friday, it’s just me and the kids. This is the way it’s pretty much always been and what we are used to, but it is hard. 

There are the rare occasions where he works local, but all of the summer he’s been away so when he said he was having the last week of August off, it felt such s relief. 

We went on holiday to Butlin’s during May half term and are off to Disneyland Paris in December, so we haven’t had a summer holiday as such. We will be having lots of days out next week so hoping the weather will be kind!

It was such a surprise on Thursday as we were sat at the table eating when suddenly the door burst open and Daddy was standing there! He had come home a day early so our week off was made even more special!

Him being home at 5pm always seems such a novelty. It means if I need to pop out to the shop I can without it being a military operation, and also an extra pair of hands at bath and bedtime making it that little bit easier. There are times when I would absolutely love him to have a 9-5 job so that we could all eat together and the relentless solo parenting wouldn’t seem so daunting, so lonely, so hard. But I know that him working away so much, means that I can stay at home and look after our children. I know that being a stay at home parent really is a luxury and one that most aren’t able to do. The only way to be able to afford everything is for him to work away so much. I am so grateful that we are in such a lucky position but I do love having him home of an evening, as are the kids. 

B xx

I Wonder

I wonder what you’d make of it all now. 

It has been over two years since I last saw you, spoke to you, text you, sat with you. A lot has happened in that time. I wonder what you would think. 

The babies, your much longed for twin granddaughters are no longer babies. They are set to start nursery in a few weeks, to the same place where you used to drop Charlie off daily. The same teacher is there and still as lovely as ever. She always mentions you, she misses you too. They have formed their own very unique personalities and sometimes really test me. I know you would know what to do. You always did.

I wonder where Charlie would come up to you now! He’s ever so tall and doesn’t seem to stop growing. For a little titch like you I reckon he wouldn’t be far off! He’s become such a bookworm and that was definitely something you encouraged. Sadly, he’s gone off Man Utd and switched allegencies to his Dad’s team of West Ham. I know, I know, you wouldn’t be impressed!!

I wonder if you would have jumped on the Slimming World bandwagon along with me. You knew how unhappy I was with my weight but never said anything unkind – even though someone needed to tell me! I reckon you’d be impressed, but annoyed as i’d be back wanting to borrow all your clothes again!

I wonder what you’d think of our house. You never saw it. I reckon you’d be so proud. I know you felt it was the final piece of the puzzle to own our own house – we did it! And it would be just up the road from you. I’d love nothing more than just to have a stroll down daily in the holidays to see you. Have a chat and a giggle like we always used to whilst the kids played like loons in the garden. The garden where your own babies played years before. 

I am just so sad this never got to happen. I am so sad that we were robbed of this. You should be here. You should be revelling in seeing my babies grow. They shouldn’t be 7 and 3 and not have their Granny. I shouldn’t be 30 without a Mom. I don’t need to wonder what you’d say to me as I sit here with large tears dripping down my cheeks; you’d tell me to get on with it. There is no other way. No. There’s not. But it’s still bloody hard. For the most I’m OK, but it sometimes creeps up on you, and the enormity gets too much.

I miss you Mom. I miss our past and I miss that you aren’t physically part of our future.

B xx

Home Improvements

*This is a collaborative post*

We have been in our house almost 12 months now, and after our initial plans, we seem to have come to a bit of a standstill with making home improvements and it being the house we crave. With a husband working away a lot, there just isn’t the time to get it done. Plus, we are facing a bit of a quandary as to if we think we will stay here long term. Honestly? I’d say no. I’d like to stay here perhaps five years before moving on and eventually the children all having their own bedrooms and us having an extra lounge.

For now though, we have started looking at remodelling various spaces in and around the house. Our bathroom is definitely at the forefront of all renovation plans as it is just plain ugly. Aside from updating individual rooms I also have quite a long list of other things I would like to change.

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